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Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind which everyone has already experienced, often without realising it.

It’s a bypassing of the critical factor of the mind, allowing you access to your subconscious processes. This is why the hypnotic state is so important for changing thoughts, behaviours and feelings.

You’ve probably had the experience of driving, and suddenly realising you’ve gone 20 km down the road and you realise you’ve hardly been aware of driving. Or being at the cinema and completely losing yourself in the plot. These are natural states of hypnosis.

When used for personal change, we are creating this state of mind on demand, so you can rapidly tap in to the full power of your mind to make the changes your ready to make.

Hypnotherapy is the utilisation of hypnosis to create positive change in your life.

Hypnosis is a state of heightened receptivity, and through hypnotherapy you can refocus your mind for success. It’s an integrative process of building new habits and behaviours, as well as making changes to how you think and feel.


The simple answer, is yes you can be hypnotised. 

Anyone who is willing to be hypnotised, can be.

Hypnotherapy is a process of doing something together – it’s not something I “do” to you. As such, it really depends on your willingness to experience hypnosis. To date, everyone I’ve worked with has been enjoyed going into hypnosis and all the benefits that this brings.

When we work together, all the techniques will be customized for you and your needs. 

Many people have the idea from TV or movies that hypnosis involves giving control to the hypnotist. In fact, the opposite is true.

Hypnotherapy is all about giving you back control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Nothing is done to you, hypnotherapy is a collaborative processes to help you achieve your goals.

A common misconception is that hypnosis is like sleep. Hypnosis is actually a heightened state of awareness. Your mind will be alert and aware the whole time we are working together, and afterwards you will remember about as much as you would from any normal conversation.

There’s not one specific hypnotised feeling, but as a clinical hypnotherapist I can tell you that people typically feel either a lovely heavy feeling of deep relaxation, or a pleasant light, floating sensation. 
Although it’s not the reason you will come to see me a nice additional benefit is that the process is interesting, fun and feels really good!

Rapid change is possible with hypnosis. Certainly a lot faster than many other types of change work.

Most of my clients schedule for a brief series of sessions for the issue they are facing and the goals they want to achieve.  My goal is to provide you with the most effective process in the most efficient use of your time.

I can give you a better indication about this when we speak. You can schedule a time to speak here.

This model allows for an effective series of sessions with continued reinforcement, self-hypnosis training, and proper customization for your unique set of needs.

Most people begin to experience benefits from the very first session, though hypnosis is a process.

When clients book in more time with me, it’s typically for another issue or a new goal which has opened up for them.

It’s important you choose the right person to work with to achieve your goals. The free consultation gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself before spending any money.

The 20 minutes we spend together is also a key part of your success story. If we do decide to go on to work together, we will have already set the roadmap to get you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

Many people prefer zoom due to the convenience of not having to travel, but I am often asked if will be as effective as if they come to the clinic. The simple answer is yes!

Hypnotherapy over zoom is just as effective as in-person sessions.

There are a couple of reasons why it’s as effective, or arguably better, than seeing me in person.

  1. The place where you experience the issue you’re facing, or where you may think about the issue, is in your home or office. Not here, with me. By working with you while you’re in the environment where you actually experience or think about these issues can be much more effective.
  2. The place where you want to experience the results and benefits of our work together is also there in your own environment, not again, here with me.

But can you be hyponotised over zoom? Does it work as well? Again, the answer is yes.

I get the same great results with clients wherever they are, because as soon as you close your eyes, it doesn’t really matter if you’re sat next to me on the sofa or on the other side of the World. All the change happens in your head!


As a result of all of these reasons, more and more people are benefiting from hypnotherapy online, with the exact same results.

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