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If you are ready to join the thousands of people who've quit smoking with hypnosis, we should talk

Quit smoking hypnosis has been shown to be far more effective than patches, gum & old fashioned will power. Why?

Just think about it:

  • You know consciously that you want to stop smoking.


  • You know all the logical reasons why it’s not good for your health or your pocket.


  • You know all this, and yet, there you are…smoking.

How can quit smoking hypnosis help you to become smoke free?

The habit of smoking is locked into your unconscious mind.

You don’t need to remind yourself to smoke.  It’s automatic.

And the fact that it’s automatic is the reason why it’s so hard to stop using your willpower alone.

The quit smoking program has 3 specific components

1) Helping you to quit physically, so that you can throw them away and be done with it.
2) Quitting mentally, so that you can get rid of the urges, the cravings and the desires.
3) Stepping into that mindset as if you never even smoked in the first place.
Rather than be the reformed non-smoker watching other people smoke & feeling miserable about it. Step into the reality of what it feels like to truly put the whole thing behind you.

How can quit smoking hypnosis help you to take back control of your health & finances?

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What happens in the hypnosis sessions?

From the very first session we will get to work to eradicate your smoking habit from all angles.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You are unique & the process will be customised to you the whole way.

The process we will use is designed to have you stop smoking – from the very first session.

You already know about the difficulty some people have when they quit smoking:

  • They can’t drink coffee, have a drink or be around certain friends or colleagues without being tempted.

  • If they feel stressed or anxious, they want to reach for a cigarette.

  • They are worried they will start eating more and will put on weight.

Don’t worry!

We will take care of all of these concerns and triggers, along with anything which is unique to you, so that you can quit, AND feel really good about doing so.

The truth is, those problems are the problems of smokers. And you are going to step into the new reality of being a non-smoker.

“I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone. Duncan is kind and caring, and I liked him immediately. I felt very comfortable during each process.”

5-Star Google review from hypnotherapy client, Sally

I still have concerns

It’s normal to have concerns about quitting. Everyone has them. You’ve been smoking a long time and it can be hard to believe you can simply stop.

If you’re still reading this page it means that you’ve serious about  kicking the habit for good.

Many people have quit smoking with hypnosis before you. And you can do it too.

People often worry about cravings. With this method, many people don’t experience cravings at all. However if you do experience them for a few days after quitting, I will show you techniques to deal with them. 

People also worry about all the triggers in life which make them want to smoke – coffee, alcohol, certain friends, stress at work.

All of this will be taken care of when we work together.

Don’t worry – you can do this. 

And I will be with you the whole way.

The first step is to book a time to speak. 

I offer a free consultation so we can talk about your specific situation. If we do decide to go on to work together, this will provide the foundation we need to we can get to work from the very first session.


Book your free 20 minute consultation with me

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How you will benefit from quit smoking hypnosis sessions with me...

The 20 minute consultation will set the direction we will take to put smoking behind you for good and to get you moving in the direction that you choose.

When we have our first session,  we’ll get to work immediately to release it and clear that old smoking pattern. You can become a non-smoker from that moment on.

The hypnosis process will unlock your abilities to take back control of how you think, feel and behave. 

You will realise you have far more control than you ever thought possible.  

The whole process is enjoyable and you will feel great as a non-smoker from the very first moment.