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you're in control with sessions from home

Get the outcome you want from the comfort of your home or office. Hypnotherapy is equally effective over Zoom.

100% guaranteed results

Feel comfortable & confident with my unique triple guarantee. Learn more about my guarantee.

science-backed approach

I use evidence-based, proven techniques which are customised to your specific challenges and goals.

overcome anxiety.    conquer fears.    break bad habits.    achieve health goals.  sleep deeply.

client success stories

"It has rewired my brain in a way nothing has been able to. 100% successful. Thanks so much Duncan, you have quite literally changed my life "

“Duncan is excellent. I’m a health professional myself and Duncan really knows his stuff. I highly recommend him”

“Nothing worked until I met Duncan….I really do thank him for giving me back part of my life"

“Unbelievably, four sessions is all it took to relieve me of a lifetime of crippling social anxiety"

“Duncan is a legend! I came to him with anxiety issues and a big fear of flying. His sessions worked a treat! I've been on planes from Sydney to LA, NYC and London”

"I felt that with hypnotherapy I got quick results without having to take years of psychological sessions."

“I have settled into a much more comfortable 'me' and that has been a blessing, a big deal to me and it’s lasting. It's what I hoped for and got. I can’t recommend Duncan enough!!”

“It was amazing. It helped with my emotional eating and anxiety and trauma. He's help me to deal with issues, some from my childhood and now I've finally let them go forever."

“My flying experience was SO much better. I felt comfortable, even cosy on the flight – I never ever thought I could feel that way flying!”

“Mostly I just feel happier and more content with life. I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone"

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what do you want to achieve?

Overcome Fears

Hypnotherapy can help you move past your fear or phobia and take back control

Overcome Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help you move past your fear or phobia and take back control

Break Bad Habits

Hypnotherapy can help you move past your fear or phobia and take back control

why hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable, collaborative process which will empower you to create rapid changes in how you think, feel & behave.

Around 90% of our brain activity happens out of our conscious awareness. Most of our thoughts, feelings, decisions & behaviours are generated in this unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a unique state where you’re both highly focused & relaxed. It allows you to access the unconscious mind to make the changes you want quickly & easily.

Will hypnotherapy work for you? Take this 2 minute quiz to find out…

what do you want to achieve?

Reach Health Goals

Hypnotherapy to achieve your ideal weight & reach your health goals.

Boost Confidence

Hypnotherapy can help you to build confidence in professional or social settings.

Sleep Soundly

Hypnotherapy can help you fall asleep easily & sleep deeply through the night.

how I can help

To make the changes you want & deserve, you need the right person to guide you. 

I first trained as a hypnotherapist about 15 years ago. In fact, I owned a training school in London for therapists & coaches.

I’m so confident I can help you to achieve your goal, that I offer my unique triple guarantee. You can feel complete confidence in the process & know you’re fully protected.

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We’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing and how you want to think, feel or behave instead. 

You’ll benefit from understanding how  hypnotherapy can be used to achieve your specific goals.

There is no pressure to book any additional sessions.

Choose a time that’s convenient for you, & I look forward to meeting you soon.