Hi, I’m Duncan…

A clinical hypnotherapist & performance coach

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client achieve their goal.

Whether their goal is to feel a different way, move past an old limitation, or make something incredible happen in their lives. I  love witnessing their transformation.

It’s what gets me up in the morning, what motivates me.

It’s what has me spending countless hours reading the latest research that might help my clients to reach their goals even faster and more easily.

When we work together, I am 100% committed to you achieving the outcome you came for.

You achieving your goal becomes my goal – and I won’t rest until you get there.

By the numbers


resolve their primary issue in 4 sessions or less


on Google by my clients


since I first trained as a hypnotherapist

Duncan's top tips for improving
mood throughout the day

Why? Sunlight in your eyes early in the morning impacts your circadian rhythm and improves the quality of your sleep.

It gets me into forward motion for the day, allowing me to connect with myself and the world around me, before the distractions of life begin.

Sunlight, movement and being outside makes me feel good and gets my day off to the right start.
Why? Again this is connected to sleep and energy levels. Basically waiting at least an hour helps to avoid the afternoon slump in energy.

I drink lots of water first thing, usually with electrolytes as this boosts mental function and energy.

And when I do have my coffee, I really enjoy it!

In addition, the cut off for caffeine is midday for me, as it can negatively impact sleep quality for many hours afterwards
I know that this won’t be for everyone, but I’ve been doing this for well over 10 years and it feels great.

I start with a hot shower (i’m not that crazy) and then switch to cold for 1-2 minutes.

Why? Cold exposure improves your ability to handle stress.   It also wakes me up like nothing else will and turns on my brain and body. It’s a small challenge at the start of the day. Once overcome, it leaves me feeling more prepared to deal with whatever might come my way.

I want you to experience what fantastic great amazing feels like

Meet Duncan

I first trained as a hypnotherapist 14 years ago in the UK, where I co-founded a training school in London for psychologists, therapists & coaches.

I ran the school for many years, working with, and learning from, some of the world’s best practitioners to share the cutting-edge techniques that had changed my life.

Today, I’m passionate about using evidence-based hypnotherapeutic techniques to move my clients past their challenges and create a life they love.

94% of my clients reach their primary goal in 4 sessions or less.

Many of them have been kind enough to leave a review, so you can get a sense of what’s possible with hypnotherapy.

I’m confident I can help you. That’s why I offer a unique, double guarantee for your peace of mind.

Please book a time to chat so we can make a plan to achieve your life-changing results.

The first step is picking a time to talk...

Book your free, twenty minute introductory session to find out how hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety within days…

We’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing and how you’d rather think, feel & behave. 

You’ll benefit from understanding how  hypnotherapy can be used to achieve your specific goals.

There is no pressure to book any additional sessions.

Choose a time that’s convenient for you. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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